Sunday, January 6, 2019

Philadelphia’s Own Distribution Company – Artsploitation Films Offers Best In Foreign Movies

Philadelphia’s Own Distribution Company, 

Artsploitation Films Offers Best In Foreign Movies

The Philadelphia based movie distribution company ARTSPLOITATION FILMS is doing amazing things!  You wouldn’t think much of this little building on North Hancock, but they are offering the BEST foreign movies in the world right now.

Unlike most film distribution companies, the name of our company describes the kinds of films we are looking to distribute. Artsploitation connotes – to me anyway – that perfect blend of genre/exploitation films with traditional art cinema. We are far from a horror film distributor – that’s too easy! We look for odd, challenging, fun, even difficult films – some are more art than genre and others are just genre fun but they all share in common an approach to filmmaking that we love.

So be they international thrillers, blood-spurting horror, art house dramas or just plain weird and wonderful, they are all part of the Artsploitation Films family. You may not like all of what we present but we hope you’ll be at least be intrigued into watching one of our offerings.– Raymond Murray, President

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