Saturday, January 5, 2019

“Hyper-stylish what-the-fuck filmmaking” FilmPhreak Says of SNOWFLAKE

In the tonal vein of Guy Ritchie or Quentin Tarantino, Germany’s Snowflake brings an ensemble of insanity to the viewer. It channels multiple plotlines in a hyper-stylish what-the-fuck of filmmaking. It does a little reality bending, too, going meta with the first oddball story it introduces. Both crime and horror violence share screen time with the film’s sense of humor, the blood and chuckles frequently overlapping, The eclectic ensemble of plots and people and textures is an embarrassment of riches. Snowflake knows how to navigate around its maze of meta mind-fuckery. It ably keeps the viewer on its toes and in suspense rather than confused and befuddled. – FilmPhreak

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