Friday, December 21, 2018

Snowflake is the #1 Film of 2018

There’s no need to go too in depth about Snowflake here, because you can just read my review of it. But I will say this: I don’t mean any disrespect to directors Adolfo Kolmerer and William James, but Snowflake is decidedly not the best film of the year. It is, though, really really great—and most importantly—it’s the film I’m most excited about this year. (And if I can’t put my favorite film at number one, what the hell is the point of these lists anyway?)

The sheer fact that Snowflake was made for $29,000 melts my mind grapes. It’s a big film with a lot of characters, crazy action, practical effects, and ambitious set pieces. To bring it to a much finer point—it’s just goddamned inspiring. I’m in pre-production for my first short film at the moment and I can tell you, with all the money, people, and time involved, it’s very easy to lose confidence in yourself and the project. Watching Snowflake the other night felt like someone injected me with 1,000 cc of confidence. The film reminded me that all you need is passion—the rest of the pieces will just fall into place wherever that may be.

In an ideal world, Snowflake would be a minor hit, given the accessibility of the digital streaming market. At the very least, it should be a real shot in the arm for independent cinema, especially of the genre variety.  It’s proof that talent will shine through, regardless of budget. Seek this one out immediately.

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