Friday, August 3, 2018 Review: A Taste of Phobia

For this anthology movie, producers Vestra Pictures assigned international directors with a phobia and set them to work making a horror short about it.
A Taste of Phobia is a horror anthology film put together through the cooperation of Vestra Pictures, Trash Arts Productions, and Artsploitation Films. The theme here, fairly obvious by the title of the film, is fear. Much like the set-up of The ABCs of Death, where a letter was assigned to each participant, here each filmmaker was given a fear (some familiar ones, and some not so common ones) and the task of creating a short horror film somehow incorporating it. While most of the participants were invited, a handful of spots were open to a submission call in early 2017. These films are from a variety of places – a few from the United States, and one from Nigeria, but most come from Italy and the UK – and are made by a variety of filmmakers – some familiar names, some first-time directors. A Taste of Phobiacontains 14 segments which span from creepy to goofy to nasty and disgusting, and while the afore-mentioned alphabet-inspired anthology had definite hits and misses, most of these short films are pretty enjoyable.

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