Sunday, October 15, 2017

Red Christmas Reviews!

“It has earned its place among the best and can sit comfortably on a shelf with Black Christmas, Gremlins, Die Hard – yes it’s a Christmas film! – and Silent Night, Deadly Night as great examples of alternative Christmas cheers. Red Christmas is striking, bold and brilliant; a sure-fire Christmas classic for horror lovers.” – Jessy Williams, Scream Magazine

“An energetic, candy-colored romp through genre tropes that manages to take its subject matter seriously while poking fun at itself at the same time.” – Variety

“Nothing is sacred to Anderson and setting murderous mayhem on the eponymous holiday is only the beginning of Red Christmas‘ challenge to propriety and good taste.” – Michael Gingold, Rue Morgue

“For horror fans, the practical gore, unapologetic kills and the throwback to the old school and exploitative horror will make viewers cheer even though they know that the family does not deserve to suffer the sins of one person. Impactful, powerful and brutal, even if you are not a horror fan, you will question a lot of the characters and yourself in the nightmare that is Red Christmas.” – Jay Kay, Icons of Fright

“Craig Anderson’s feature debut is a wonderful mix of oxymorons and devilish twists.” – Luke Ryan Baldock, The Hollywood News

“The wildest, freakiest, there-are-no-words Australian horror movie in years.” – The Guardian Australia

“Quite simply, Wallace can do no wrong, and Red Christmas proves that she still is – and always will be – a horror force to be reckoned with.” – Horror Film News

“A blistering performance from Wallace.” – Quiet Earth

“What follows is a calendar slasher, with Anderson playing every beat of the sub-genre to perfection. The kills are pure Eighties, performed with a range of farmhouse tools – and without CGI.” – Projected Figures

“Wallace is still one of the best genre actresses out there.” – Gruesome Magazine

“Dee Wallace…still has the same magnetic presence she has always had… Her motherly onscreen intuition is sweet, protective and badass. Red Christmas is full of disturbing and bloody holiday cheer and is something that you should add to your Christmas wish list.”  ” –

Red Christmas has style out the ass.” – Bloody Disgusting

“A savagely enjoyable holiday ride through hell.” –
“A slasher movie that feeds horror fiends a bunch of red meat.” – Jay Seaver, EFilmCritic
“One of the craziest, most surprising horror films of the year.” – HorrorTalk

“Dee Wallace’s performance throughout is top-notch…It’s satisfying on the surface as a killer-on-the-loose picture, but it’s also a good example of a horror movie with a high body count where you actually care about the bodies.” – DreadCentral

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