Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Devil Lives Here review from Search My Trash


The Devil Lives Here

Apolo (Pedro Carvalho) has invited his best friends Jorge (Diego Goullart), Ale (Mariana Cortines) and Magu (Clara Verdier) to his family's farmhouse deep in the country, but doesn't tell them that he plans a séance to free the spirit of a baby from its curse - which in itself sounds like a noble thing, but there's more to that story than meets the eye, as on this very day every nine months, a beeing called the Bee Baron (Ivo Müller) comes to claim the baby unless descendants from the baby's family prevent him - descendants like Tiao (Pedro Caetano) and Luciano (Felipe Frazao), who are so shocked about what Apolo was planning to do that they resort to violence in an effort to set a few wrongs right - but violence of course isn't the answer when dealing with the supernatural, especially since the Bee Baron is already quickly approaching, and Ale seems to be possessed by some spirit or other to turn the tide - but in which way and with which ulterior motives remains to be seen ...

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