Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Search My Trash Interview w/ George Moise / Counter-Clockwise

An Interview with George Moïse, Director & Co-Writer of Counter Clockwise

Your new film Counter Clockwise - in a few words, what is it about?
Here’s the logline I’ve said a million people:
A scientist accidentally invents time travel and is zapped 6 months in the future. But it’s a dark, upside-down world where people are trying to kill him and he’s framed for the deaths of his wife and sister. He must go back in time to uncover the mystery and rewrite history.

What were your inspirations when writing Counter Clockwise, and are you at all a fan of time travel stories in whatever medium - and did you do any kind of research on the subject?

Well my brother Walt (co-story, producer, editor) came up with the idea. He’s a huge sci-fi fan and had read a Philip K. Dick short story that was sort of like this. I actually don’t know which story! I am a fan of time travel stories, and I did do a lot of research, mainly watching as many time travels movies as possible. Actually there’s not that many of note. There’re random ones like The Final Countdown and Timerider but they’re not that helpful. The best ones are the movies everyone knows: Back to the Future, Terminator. TIMECRIMES is an amazing time travel movie and I also like Millennium.

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