Monday, November 14, 2016

The Anatomy of Monsters (DVD) Now Available on Amazon

Byron C. Miller's The Anatomy of Monsters is now available on DVD

Dark, disturbing and unpredictable, this indie thriller revolves around a homicidal young man who ventures out one night in search for his first kill. At a lonely bar he meets a young woman, takes her to a hotel room and prepares to kill her…until he discovers she harbors secrets far worse than he could imagine. Byron C. Miller, inspired by the gritty indie filmmaking of the 1980s, directs this unnerving, even diabolical tale of murder and amorality wrapped around a "sweet" love story.

Movie Quotes from The Anatomy of Monsters:

"Nothing is going to save you." --Andrew (Jesse Lee Keeter)

"I want it to be unpredictable. Terrifying. New. ...and new isn’t perfect. But it’s something." --Sarah (Tabitha Bastien)

" I see something in you...and I think that I can help." -- Sarah

"But you have no idea who I am. You never have." -- Sarah "That's okay. I know how I feel." --Nick (Conner Marx)

"You never told me your name." --Andrew  "Do names really matter?" --Sarah

"You’ve stumbled into this golden opportunity and you don’t even know it yet. But it’s here. The question is are you smart enough to take it?" --Sarah

"Little things are the most important. You got to learn to read the little details of people, the way the behave, the way they react-" --Sarah

"Do you know why people get caught? One, the victim gets away and rats them out. Two, They brag about the crime and their friends rat them out or three, someone watches them do the crime and then rats them out. Nine times out of ten that’s it. That’s what gets a murderer caught." --Sarah

"Know that it’s your fault. Everything is your fault." --Andrew

Now Available on DVD - The Anatomy of Monsters

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