Sunday, November 20, 2016

Exclusive Interview with Conner Marx, actor from The Anatomy of Monsters

Exclusive Interview with Conner Marx (Z-Nation, Leverage) about his upcoming movie, The Anatomy of Monsters

1.  What attracted you to the character of Nick Jones in The Anatomy of Monsters?

Nick's a stinkbug; you can't crush him. He's got a confidence in himself that manifests in a clarity of purpose, and I find that to be a really enviable quality. He knows he likes Sarah, and he doesn't bullshit about it. He puts himself out there openly, authentically, and unabashedly. 

2.  How was it working with Byron C. Miller?

Byron's on a very short list of "I'll work with him no matter what" directors. He's just a really stand up guy and I have a ton of respect for the way he approaches filmmaking, which is, fundamentally, people first. The word integrity keeps coming to mind. He works with integrity. You just know he's always looking to do the right thing, whether that's for the movie or the people making it. He clearly endeavors to make each collaborator feel welcomed, valued, and respected - and that's a unique thing. 

3.  What was a most memorable moment during the filming of The Anatomy of Monsters?

At the end of the film (spoilers), when Sarah's making her suicide spaghetti, we used sugar to stand in for crushed up pills. Multiple takes later, after she dumped several cups of sugar in the marinara, we used that same sauce in the scene where she and I ate the pasta. Possibly the sweetest thing I've ever eaten.

4.  What actors inspire you the most?

Michelle Williams, Amy Adams, Joaquin Phoenix, Ryan Gosling, Viola Davis, Young Pacino, and Anton Yelchin - rest in peace.

5.  What is next for Conner Marx?

On December 6th, 'If There's a Hell Below' comes out on VOD. It's the first feature I produced, a slow-burning paranoia thriller set in the desolate isolation of the American West. We premiered at Slamdance in January, and after playing festivals for the year, I'm so thrilled people outside of that circuit finally get the chance to see it. If it sounds up your alley, you can get more info at 

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